I'm Kyna ! (powdrdtoastman) wrote in ratemypoo,
I'm Kyna !



1. Name: kyna

2. Age: 16

3. Gender: female

4. Approximately how many times per day do you shit? twice usually.

5. Any memorable pooping experiences? well, this time it didnt come out of my ass, but it was the most memorable pooping story I have.  I was hanging out with my best friend Jenn, and she had a bad stomach ache, and then she was like oh man I have to poop. but she didnt want to go to the bathroom alone because it scared her (by the way, this was awhile ago...) and so I went with her, and she took a shit and it was like PLLLLTHHHHOOOOPPPPPP PLOP PLOP PLAAAAATTTTTTTPLLTHHHH.  and it ALLLL came out at once and there was hardly any water left.  it was great. it smelled horrible. oh yeah, and another time with jenn, we recorded her pooping on a cassette tape.

6. Do you like pooping? of course.

7. At least one (1) clear picture of your shit. im sorry this is unavailable at the moment.

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