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Welcome to my fine community.

The rules and application can be found on the info page.
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since we're buds and all, can i be in it even if i don't have a webcam?
fill out the application.
I'll give you a break and you don't have to have pics.
man your a fucking douche bag, you in fact have the time... to make an entire comunity devoted to someones ass and the things that come out of it... sir your gay... how old are you? get a fucking job asshole.

<3 poop master flex you fucking pussy face
I am a utensil used for the cleaning of vaginas? Then you must be an idiot, since you are talking to an inanimate object. Just to let you know, it takes less than ten minutes to make a community. I am not gay, by the way. Far from it, in fact. I hate faggots. You know what is gay? Glassjaw. And Jimmy Eat World. And all the other faggot-ass emo bands that you listen to. I am sixteen, and I don't wish to have a job. I am going to mooch off of my parents as long as possible. In conclusion, your bad atempt at insulting me affected me in no way. Try again.

P.S. Get some grammar skills.

And since it is so cool to use this "<3",
<3 Chapman
Emo/Scremo bands suck. Grow some balls.