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That is disgusting


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1. After you join, post your application within one (1) week.

2. Approved members may make picture posts if they so desire.

3. Answer all the questions in the application.

4. If you are posting your application, type "New" as the subject of the post.

5. All picture posts and applications must be put behind a lj-cut. If you don't know how to do this, ask someone.

6. The moderator (001001101) is always right. You piss me off, I ban you. It's that simple.

7. Only once you have joined can you vote.

8. You must have a picture of your poo to be accepted. Most people at least have a friend with a scanner or digital camera.


1. Name

2. Age

3. Gender

4. Approximately how many times per day do you shit?

5. Any memorable pooping experiences?

6. Do you like pooping?

7. At least one (1) clear picture of your shit.


bloody shit, bodily waste products, diahrrea, dingleberries, dirty sanchez's, eating shit, excrement, fecal matter, hot carl's, logs, painting with shit, pooing, poop, porn with people shitting, shit, shitting at restaurants, shitting at school, shitting at work, shitting in stuff, shitting on stuff, smelling people's shit, soft serve, watching people shit